Decaying Municipal Pipes in Waco, Killeen and Temple, TX
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Decaying Municipal Pipes in Waco, Killeen and Temple, TX

Decaying Municipal Pipes

Decaying Municipal Pipes in Waco, Killeen and Temple, TX

One of the hallmarks of modern society is the ability to provide clean water to millions of people. Water must meet strict purity standards before it is approved for domestic consumption. Over time, however, municipal pipes decay from repeated use. The water that passes through these old pipes could negatively impact your health. Luckily, there are ways to ensure that your home is getting the cleanest possible water.


Older Pipes Are More Likely to Create Problems

In some cities (like Waco, Temple and Killeen) municipal pipes are more than a century old (read here). Because the population is increasing at such a rapid rate, it is much easier to build on existing infrastructure than it is to start from scratch. Updating municipal pipes would cost tens of millions of dollars, and many cities are hesitant to foot the bill. Old pipes often harbor bacteria that finds its way into the potable water supply. They can also leach chemicals into the water as the metal corrodes. As a result, water quality decreases slowly over time. In some rare cases, old pipes can release lead make the water extremely toxic. Rust in old pipes can also cause water discoloration, though it does not make the water unsafe to ingest.

Health Risks

Contaminated water can cause a litany of health problems. Unsafe drinking water has been linked to high blood pressure and kidney failure in adults, and developmental delays in children. People with compromised immune systems have a greater risk of experiencing health issues.

What Can You Do?


If you are concerned about the quality of water in your home in Waco, Killeen or Temple, you can purchase a water quality test kit from your local hardware store. These kits are fairly inexpensive and can find a number of contaminants in your water. The test will either contain test strips or small vials. Make sure you follow the kit’s instructions exactly to get the most accurate results. It is important to note that water quality kits will tell you if unsafe levels of a contaminant are in your water, but it will not tell you just how much is present. The problem may be more severe than you think, so it is best to err on the side of caution. Here are some other solutions how to test the quality of your water.

If you have used a water safety kit and are still have safety concerns, you can purchase a filtration system to purify your water. Whole-house filtration systems can help to eliminate the chemicals contaminating your water and can mitigate the health hazards posed by decaying pipes. Filtration systems will also eliminate physical contaminants like dirt particles. Advanced filtration systems can be fairly expensive, so you’ll want to do a good deal of research before you buy. Different models are available for different needs so make sure you find the filtration system that is right for you. The best what you can do here is to contact a local plumber. If you are living in Waco, Killeen or Temple, call 24Hour Plumber and we’ll help you to inspect the quality of water in your home. Also in case of negative results, we’ll be ready to come up with the solutions and install them for you.